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Unlock the Spundge PRO functionality.

You will be billed a total of $129 USD per month.


What does the term “seat” mean?
Seats are the number of unique users that you add to your Organization.
I’m not sure how many seats I’ll need, can I decide later?
Yes, you can start with the number of seats that suits your needs today, and upgrade later. When you get a higher number of seats, you will be charged a prorated amount based on the remaining time in the current billing cycle.
Which payment types and currency do you accept?
All prices are in USD, and we accept major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.
Is my data safe?
Privacy and security are very important to us. Spundge runs in an enterprise-grade data center, and all accounts include SSL encryption. Credit card information is stored by Stripe, a certified Level 1 PCI payment gateway and payment processing provider. PCI Service Provider Level 1 is the most stringent level of certification available.
What happens when I cancel my subscription to Spundge?
Spundge subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and you will not be charged again. We do not offer refunds for charges that have already been incurred, so we advise starting with the number of seats that meets your needs today, and add more later as your needs change.
What happens when I move to a lower number of seats?
When you move to a lower number of seats, we credit your account a pro-rated difference at the next billing period. Note that you can only downgrade to a lower number of seats if the number of users in your organization is lower than the number of sets you are downgrading to.
Can I use Spundge for free?
Definitely! Spundge can be used for free as a personal content discovery and curation tool. All the best Spundge features such as custom themes, privacy, analytics, syndication, and integration, are only available to Spundge PRO accounts.


Keep all your research and content in a single, safe and convenient place. Your Spundge PRO Notebooks can be made private for secure access to collaborators, or for your eyes only. Add your Spundge PRO stories into private Notebooks for private sharing and collaboration.

Faster Content Updates

Discover the best content, faster. Spundge PRO users benefit from faster feed updates. Spundge PRO embedded Notebooks also update in real-time, offering your audiences a live stream of quality content, curated collaboratively.

PRO Sources

Spundge PRO users benefit from a growing and select list of content sources built especially for professionals. Stay up to date and get the right content in just a few clicks, all within one comprehensive workflow.

Content Analytics

Track your content's reach and adjust your content strategy in real-time with Spundge PRO's content-focused analytics. Connect your Google Analytics account to use Spundge in conjunction with your existing reports and dashboards.

Advanced Editing

Drag videos into your stories — they'll look great, even on mobile. Drop images and create beautiful galleries in no time. Embed tweets, social media elements, PDFs, maps and interactive charts. Spundge PRO's advanced editing tools let you create stunning stories with ease.

Content Alerts & Automation

Nothing trumps the human eye, but a little help from Spundge PRO goes a long way. Enable alerts and get notified as soon as new content appears in your streams. Track competitors, brands, names and topics with advanced queries. Enable Spundge PRO's auto-curation and never miss a mention of your content.

Custom Branding

Build your own brand. Style your email notifications with your organization's logo and colors. Embedded Spundge PRO Notebooks and stories are 100% white-labelled and can be styled to seamlessly match your site's look and feel.

Advanced Integration

Spundge PRO is your CMS's best friend. Integrate Spundge to your custom workflows in a breeze via the Spundge APIs and real-time WebHooks. The Spundge Team is also available to assist you building the best content workflows and experiences.

Organizations & Onboarding

Spundge PRO's centralized content collaboration, members and billing management makes it easy to get your content team up and running. We'll also help you to get set up quickly so you can start discovering and creating the best content, today.