New in Spundge: Chat, TypePad Integration and Invoices

Being able to communicate in real-time is an important element of collaboration for today’s content creator. So we’re happy to share the first integration of a real-time messaging system in Spundge. Spundge Pro subscribers can now chat with someone you’re connected with when they are logged in. That means you can curate together in real-time in Notebooks, and discuss edits in stories as you work — and do it all in a unified system.

To test it out, go into a Notebook or story when one of your contributors is also online (the green dot tells you they’re live in the Notebook or story). Then click on their avatar and start typing in the messaging box that pops up in the bottom left of your screen!


Spundge Typepad Integration You can now publish stories written in Spundge to any TypePad blog. That means we currently support WordPress, Tumblr, TypePad and MailChimp as publishing targets. Write in Spundge, publish to any or all of these right away.

TypePad is a blogging platform similar to WordPress. It’s known for business blogging due to its simplicity to use and stellar customer support. To find out more about whether you should use WordPress or TypePad, read Jeff Korhan’s comparison of the two platforms.

If you’re an existing TypePad user and also have a Spundge Pro account, you can add go to the Syndication tab in Settings and add TypePad as a target. Once that’s set up, you will be able to publish directly to your TypePad blog.

If you want to try out TypePad, it offers a 14-day free trial. Let us know what you think!



Spundge PRO users can now view invoices for their account by going to the Pro tab in Settings. In the screenshot below, we’re also giving you a little preview of the purchase history for an account. What can you purchase in Spundge aside from a Pro seat? You’ll have to stay tuned for some exciting news. Here’s a hint: it’ll make your stories more visually stimulating.

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